What Parents Should Know about Instagram

Instagram Monitoring for Parents


Instagram is known for bullying. Many children upload their own photos there. Other users may insult kids by posting offensive comments. Cyberbullying is dangerous. It remains one of major suicide factors among teens. That’s why parental control on Instagram is strongly recommended.


There are many inappropriate pictures on Instagram. That’s why it is restricted for children under 13. Though every user is required to enter a birth date, kids can easily overcome this obstacle. The content may be violent, nude, or otherwise disturbing. Install the Instagram monitoring app, if letting kids use this social network.


All Instagram accounts are public by default. Parents should change it to a private mode. Thus, only friends will see kids’ posts. Make sure that geotagging is off to prevent children from sharing their location with strangers. Check if personal data like a phone number, school, and address is secured as well

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