Suzanne Rogers’ Lemon Squares

Suzanne Rogers’ Lemon Squares

“My dad loved lemons. My mother would make lemon meringue pie, and I thought that there has to be something else other than pie – so I started messing around with this recipe. It has just kind of stuck with me. When I went onto DAYS, I remember hearing in my dad’s words, ‘Men love lemons! They love lemons.’

The cast is very large and so one Christmas, I thought, ‘I can’t give everyone presents, but I could certainly bake.’ So, I brought in lemon squares, and my goodness! I did not make enough! They were gone in a breath! They have gotten so popular that I make 200 of them every Christmas. I have done this for the last 25 years. There is a huge double plate that I bring out to the crew, and a big plate I bring into the make-up room, etc. Everybody gets them. So, they have kind of just escalated and it all brings me back to fond memories of my dad with the lemons. They look like beautiful lemon snowcaps, at least that is my idea of what they look like.” – Suzanne Rogers (Maggie)

Now below check out Suzanne’s famous recipe and try it for yourself, after checking out the latest installment of MB’s Kitchen on the DOOL app!

Suzanne Rogers’ Lemon Squares

How to bake ….


8 oz room temp salted butter (2 Stix)

1 3/4 Flour

3/4 c powdered sugar


Pat in the pan and bake 335-350 degrees (depending on oven)

Bake 25 min being careful not to burn (start checking on 20 min)


4 eggs at room temp

2-3 lemons (7-8 tablespoons) zest first and add half to crust and half to filling, then juice

2c regular sugar


4 tablespoons flour

½ teaspoon baking powder

Special Instructions:

  • Place filling in the hot crust for 20”
  • Cool then dust with powdered sugar
  • Sifter for powdered sugar and place in extra glass 9×13 Pyrex